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Born and raised on the sunny Isle of Wight (a small island off the south coast of England) I am a PhD student at Goldsmiths as part of the IGGI programme currently interested in modeling player behaviour and investigating the ways these models can be used to imporve gameplay. Previously at Goldsmiths I have worked as a Research Assistant, working on Conceptual Blending for Video Games, and also studied a BSc in Computer Science.

Since first picking up a keyboard to code in anger I have fallen in love with programming and problem solving. Prior coming to Goldsmiths I worked for several years in Video Game Development and so have experience working both independently and as part of a team. I am always interested in learning, be it new technologies, frameworks or simply a problem or field I have not encountered before.

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Link to my Github - cring002

Link to my twitter - @chardr27

Link to my linkedin - Charlie Ringer

Link to my email - me@charlieringer.tech