Who or What is a Neural Network (A Primer) - A Beginner's Guide to Deep Learning Part 0

Posted: 09-06-2019 Topics: Machine Learning, Beginner's Guide. Audience: Beginner.

Welcome to the first in a blog series where I aim to take you, the reader, from someone who knows nothing about Deep Learning to someone who is comfortable implementing Deep Learning models to tackle a range of problems. Most importantly I want to you to come away with an understanding of why certain Deep Learning techniques work for certain problems and enable you to intelligently construct your own models for a specific problem you have. Each blog post will cover a different topic, starting with the conceptual Neural Network building blocks and then moving on to more complicated ... Read More

Why Study Video Game Livestreams?

Posted: 31-05-2019 Topics: Machine Learning, Data Gathering. Audience: Knowledgeable.

Seeing as I have built this blogging platform on my website it seems only fitting to fill it. That said, I don’t plan to blog often and if my previous blogs are anything to go by this will be blog 1 of 2, but I digress. My research is into modelling video game lives streams, e.g. For those of you to who Livestreaming is a new term let me briefly explain. Livestreaming describes a paradigm where the events being broadcast are occurring live (as in live TV) and accessible through the internet. In the video game livestreams world a ... Read More